Video art painting performance live quickly 

video moments of live performance and the news reporters on national television

Vigevano Italy performance live art meeting 


Pubblicato in data 15/set/2013

N 383 041012 ICARUS R4 rapidismo 


Pubblicato in data 04/nov/2012

art painting performance live quickly rapidismo current artistic gallery museum art collector informal contemporary 

EMERGENCY international award winner Kelly 2006


Caricato in data 05/dic/2010

Raised at auction at a price of € 800.00, the highest auction joke among 120 works of nationally known candidates. The money was donated all'associzione of Emergency Doctors Without Borders, spoke by satellite phone also Gino Strada, directly on the stage to greet and honor the event the proceeds collected by artists, including Victor Vertone with the paintings, "Sasso Caveoso.


N416/130613 R12 The space in The side The 


Pubblicato in data 13/giu/2013

Mediazione Studios Iris 

Jun 9, 2013 

The Real Rapity > Il Rapidismo Reale

Pubblicato in data 09/giu/2013

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