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Zurigo Galerie 16b Zurich My 9th 090515.

- 1st vernissage: May 9th, 06,30 p.m.




> Participates in the international exhibition in Zurich (Switzerland) Saturday, May 9 at 18:30
Ausstellungsstr. 16b, Zurich


> Partecipa alla mostra internazionale di Zurigo (Svizzera) Sabato 9 maggio alle ore 18.30
Ausstellungsstr. 16b, Zurich

Roma Prize Award 2015 >

10 may 2015 h 18:30 p.m. ROME



The ninth edition of the important meeting with Art, to be held in Rome in P.za del Popolo, 1 to 13 April 2015, at the prestigious museum complex of the Basilica of Santa Maria del Popolo, attracts millions of visitors thanks also the two famous paintings by Caravaggio.


LA nona edizione dell’importante appuntamento con l’Arte contemporanea, si terrà a Roma in P.za del Popolo, dal 1 al 13 Aprile 2015, presso il prestigioso  complesso museale della Basilica di Santa Maria del Popolo, meta di milioni di visitatori grazie anche alle due famose tele del Caravaggio.

SHAMAL < series of paintings dedicated to "migrants"

May 2015 > Museum Gallery

Shamal: a series of paintings dedicated to "migrants" to their stories, their tragedy.

The wind coming from Africa, brings with it lives forget.
In the paintings of the series, we perceive the deep red soil of Africa, one perceives the desert sand also. Pieces of history, stones, wood consumed by the sea as the rafts that support the journey of hope.
The red, the color of passion for life, but also the color of the fatal bad omen.

— presso Libia.

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