Vitttorio VERTONE> Biography


Born on 31/03/1970 in Chur (Switzerland) studio & laboratory in Pietragalla (Potenza), he attended the State Art Institute. He always liked the graphics in the youth work until he approached the colors of oil and egg whites, both on canvas and Masonite, studying Lucani masters, not that his high school professors, quoting Lovisco Felice, Cosenza, Di Palma, Maucieri, Giorgio Mattioli, Master Omar Natalino Academic Giacummo of Brera. Selected to follow in Montemurro the Polytechnic Graffiti workshop directed by the native Gen. G. Antonello Leone "August 22, 2012". For over 20 years, he has received considerable awards and prizes at the national level and in 2011 "international", exclusively at critical committee in the presence of experts in the field of arts.


References: Leo Strozzerei (Milan), Lucilla Trapazzo (Zurich) Mario Nicosia (Rome), Sabrina Falzone (Milan), Cinzia Folcarelli (Florence), Angela Chiassai (Rome), Rosella Corda, Fiorella Fiore, Aniello Ertico Journalist Rai Rino Cardone - published on June 25, 2015, on the "Scirocco" project, twenty-one works from 21 poems.

Compete and join the group looking for the current: Gestal Informal or Veduteism Abstract as an expression of gestural instinct in the memories of the unconscious, immersed in the perception of perceptive and perceptible in the minimalism of the sign.


"Freedom - Rapidism Currently collaborates with the philosophical" Artistic Poster ", concurring at the birth of the new pictorial current as a native exponent. TrenItalia acquired the image rights on the Rapidismo series painting: N 330 \ 120911 - Anemic Field of Poppies - Promotion of the "Red Arrow" high speed train.

*** N - 5.000 international contacts on FACEBOOK "Public Person", over 10'000 contacts on

Techniques are: soil, sand, polychrome pigments and chalk, mixed with egg white, Leonardian Vinciana technique.

549 (+ 40 Graphics) WORKS WRITTEN> on October 24, 2016- CATALOG / NUMBERS with CERTIFICATION \ Archiving.


Publications: on the Monthly Specialist "ARTE Mondadori" October 2009 June 2016 Section Special Emerging Artists
"SCIROCCO" Telemaco Edizioni> June 2015 illustrations to the publication of Aniello Ertico, video by Roberto La Cava 24
"CORRIERE DELLA SERA" of April 21, 2011 - quotation as: International Prize Winner.
2016 \ 2017> on MODERN ART CATALOG N ° 52 pag.440- Mondadori (formerly Bolaffi)> Available Official Quotes

Competitions / extemporaneous / invitations to exhibitions for titles examined in critical committee

PARIS> Carrousel du LOUVRE Museum - Selections Galleria Falzone Milano <October 22, 2011>
Participate and present at the International Art Exhibition 2011 Art Shopping
INTERNATIONAL PRIZE of Painting <April 17, 2011> 1st CLASSIFIED

October 27, 2016> Uruguayan Chamber of Deputies, acquired permanently at National Museum Uruguay
September 19, 2015> Ministry of Cultural Heritage - National Library "Arte Vien Mangiando" 1st Classified> extemporaneous prize

* Sponsored by: Pinacoteca della Potenza Province, Porta Coeli International Gallery collez. Gallery of the Fossi (Florence), Borghini Gallery (Rome), Trenitalia group of state railways, Galleria ArtStruttura Caneva (Udine), Galerie 16B (Zurich), Art Gallery (Berlin), Colorida Art Gallery , Galleria Art pro (Venice), Galleria Arte Time (Udine), Galleria Passepartout (Bari), Pinacoteca Durante (Letojanni), Pinacoteca Correale (Sorrento), Galleria Giuliani (Rome), Galleria 25 (Venosa) Montemurro, Ass. CantinArte, Ass. Flying Stones, Galleria La Quinta Porta (Pz).

* Official Quotes "Catalog of Modern Italian Art n.52 (June 2015 - May 2016)" Mondadori:
Coefficient 3 = side (cm) x side (cm) x 3 € per square centimeter; 30x50 cm 450,00 €, 50x70 cm 1,050.00 €, 80x100 cm 2.400,00 €
Validated by an official official of the Italian export cultural heritage office. The investment growth forecast for the artist is 1 point for each coefficient of the year: the coefficient in 2020 will be € 35 per centimeter.

July 28, 2012> 9th edition "Elena D'Epiro" Lagopesole 1st Classified> extemporaneous prize
August 12, 2011> 2nd edition "Artists in the Road" Venosa 1st Classified> Extemporary Award
August 7, 2011> 8th edition "Elena D'Epiro" Lagopesole 2nd Classified> Extemporary Award
August 21, 2010> 1st edition 5th ed. Old Bazaar "Sasso Di Castalda 2nd Classified> Extemporary Award
August 7, 2010> 7th edition "Elena D'Epiro" Lagopesole 3 ° Classificat

August 7, 2010> 7th edition "Elena D'Epiro" Lagopesole 3rd Classified> Extemporary Award
August 4, 2010> 1st edition "Artists in the Road" Venosa 1st Classified> Extemporary Award
July 11, 2010> 1st edition "Echi D'Antico Prize" Power 1st Classed> Extremely Premium

November 1, 2009> 1st CLASSIFIED The 1st edition of the "ENOGEA AWARD" broom (Potenza) -> national prize - N.77 participants in critical committee. Jury: m.stro Gaetano Di Matteo, critic Rino Cardone, academic professor D'Emilio Romeo, prof. Lovisco Happy.

December 1, 2012> President of Criticism at: Ministry of Public Works> Artwork Contest
31 March \ 16 November 2012 <Expo at the Archaeological Museum - Potenza; Setting up and criticism of Rino Cardone - Art critic
December 2008> art invasion project> allocated 2 murals on zinc oil dim._ 2,00 x 2,00 at the municipality of Pietragalla (PZ) _ project for no. 6 murals
December 2008> "Historical Power Prize"> collective> signaled by the jury
31 JULY 2008> 1st CLASSIFIED 2nd edition "SCOTELLO PREMIUM" Tricarico (Matera)> interregional - N.65 participants in extemporaneous

May 2008> realization of the statue "Santa Maddalena di Canossa" at piazzale Santa Maria convent Canosiane - Potenza.

JULY 2007> 2nd CLASSIFIED (RECONCRAFED) OF THE 2nd PRIZE Ed. 2007 filed by the Basilicata Chamber of Commerce - n.85 selected painters - Reached Official Quotation in Criticism Commission - 100 x 100 - € 2.500,00

22 MAY 2007> 1st CLASSIFIED 23rd edition "PREMIO CARLO LEVI" Aliano (Matera)> INTERREGIONAL award Apulia Campania Calabria Basilicata - N.227 painters & participating students

September 17, 2006> Prato (Florence) - Extemporaneous> "La Spiga D'Argento" contest - SIGNAL - National


JULY 2002> 1st CLASSIFIED Winner of the 1st AWARD - "Best Lucan Emergent Painter" - Indicted by the Chamber of Commerce of Basilicata- N.48 Professional Painters Selected - Reached Official Quotation in Criticism Commission - 100 x 120 - € 3.500,00





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